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May 14, 2017 — 53 Comments

I’ve been thinking all day about making connections with others and how important it is for people, and about pioneers, people that leave their homes and Countries to look for a new life.  My Dad purchased the film “Passengers” and this weekend I got to watch it on my iPad.


Without giving too much away if you’ve not seen it, the adventure story is about a man called Jim (Chris Pratt) onboard a spaceship transporting him to a new planet to begin a new life.  The journey takes a bad turn when his hibernation pod malfunctions and he wakes up 90 years before the spaceship is expected to reach its destination.  The spaceship is in danger and the 5000 hibernating passengers on board are all in peril.  He is the only human awake on the vessel and he only has a low-class security pass on the ship which limits what he can eat and drink.  His only companions are the robot cleaners, waiters and a charming and witty android bar-steward.

How long do you think you could last without any other human contact at all? The computer message that he sends will take over two decades to reach earth, and another 30 years for the reply to reach him, he was 30 years into a 120-year voyage with no way of going back into hibernation.  Would you be pleased or sad if other hibernation pods malfunctioned?

In a way, it was a little like when I first moved down to London, so many people milling around but not knowing any of them. I am quite a confident person but I could see how for some that it could be quite a daunting situation, to feel alone and unconnected.  I had the added advantage of connecting with like-minded people in a similar situation to me but I have the utmost respect for people who move away from home and the familiarity that it brings to make a new life for themselves and establish new friendships.

For me, I regularly started asking lots of people how they were, even people who I didn’t know, it might have been someone at an exercise class, or when visiting the adjoining university, or even in a shop.  I just love to engage in conversation, it doesn’t need to be long or thought provoking just something inclusive. I also take the time to call loved ones on the phone, FaceTime, or Skype. Bringing ‘Home’ to my new home. I also have a lot of international friends that I keep in contact with regularly on WhatsApp and Facebook and I always try and make time for my blogging friends on WordPress, some of whom I have even had the pleasure of meeting in person. The world is a big place but we can use the amazing technology that is around us to connect with those we know, but sometimes taking the time to talk to a stranger can be just as rewarding.

With the story and the dilemmas that it raised on my mind I was pleased that I’d planned to take a group yoga session at 10:30 am this morning and that I’d arranged to meet with two singer friends for lunch and a walk out in the sunshine, it’s been a beautiful day here in London and I’d spent most of yesterday practicing.



Ida, Me and Sam


Sam Dewese is an American from Chicago on his first year Masters, his voice type is Baritone. Ida Ränslöv is a Mezzo-Soprano hailing from Sweden in her first year in the Opera School, she’s doing phenomenally well having just got through to the final of the Lies Askonas competition.

I’m sure you’ll hear their names again in later posts or in big bright lights in the future.



We Found This Lovely Mews Street As We Walked Around




Me, Ida and Sam


It is our penultimate rehearsals tomorrow for the performance in the RCM Opera scenes on Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Britten Theatre, my last chance to make a good impression in Opera scenes this year, I’m hoping I can get someone to take a couple of photos for you to see next week from the dress rehearsal.  I’m also busy preparing for my final examined performance singing recital for the first year, I’m learning a completely new program of music so that’s challenging.

Up To Much This Weekend ?

October 9, 2016 — 51 Comments


Last Wednesday I took part in my first concert at The Royal College of Music, titled “Songs My Mother Taught Me”.  New Students were asked to choose a song from the country of their birth to demonstrate the wide variety of countries represented here at the Royal College of Music, I chose for my song “Dream Valley” by Roger Quilter. It was lovely to meet the other students and faculty members after the performance and I had a lovely evening.


This weekend I decided to have a bit of chill out and explore the local area.  Having already timed the best routes to and from the Tube stations and finding the best shops to buy food and essentials I now wanted to see what little gems were close at hand when you want to escape the bustle of London life.

On Saturday I took advantage of the weather and decided to visit Holland Park, which I had been told was a beautiful and tranquil place to visit. It was lovely to walk through the gardens and admire the designs, especially the Japanese inspired ‘Kyoto Garden.’


The Park also has several sporting facilities, woodland areas, and a café if you fancy a drink or a snack.  But for me, it was just nice to walk amongst the greenery, see the beautiful Koi carp and take in the splendour of the peacocks.




In London, I have been keen to keep up with my dance as it is a great way to keep fit and helps with my movement on stage. I discovered that we could join the Imperial College Students Union and become members of their societies, I knew I had to give it a go. So this morning ( Sunday ) I went along to a taster session for Jazz Dance and had a great time, and I would love to go back next week. I am also going to take part in a trial advanced ballet session which I am excited to do.


Then to bring an end to a perfect weekend my Brother invited me to his flat for Sunday lunch, so no cooking for me today  🙂

I would like to end tonight by thanking everyone who has downloaded my album “Haugtussa” and wanted to let you know that I have added a little write up about each track ( Here ) For those of you waiting for the CDs I am hoping they will be here in a couple of weeks 🙂